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What is Loesje?

Loesje is an international NGO and writer’s collective, that wants to stimulate people to think for themselves, to use their creativity and react on what is happening around them.

What is the story of Loesje?

Loesje was born on 1983 in Netherlands. At the beginning it was a group of young people who wanted to express themselves, to reflect, to tell others about their country, their ideas, their philosophy of life. They wrote short creative texts, spread them and they found that it was a good way to make people thinking and to engage discussion about different topics. Then, they decided to invent their method of creative writing and to share it abroad. Now Loesje is really famous in Netherlands and she grew up traveling around the World and making new friends.

Why is it called Loesje?

People, who started Loesje, wanted to personalise their creative texts, so everyone would get more concerned with the topic. So, they gave it name of a dutch girl — Loesje.

How Loesje creates texts?

Loesje makes public workshops to write creative text and she spreads it in the form of posters, postcards, stickers, banners, badges, t-shirts… All workshops follow the same method  creative text writing. This kind of workshops are open for everyone, even you!

Why Loesje does that?

Loesje is an idealistic girl who would like to change the world. Of course she can’t do that by herself but she can contribute to make people smiling for the whole morning, thinking for the whole afternoon, engaging discussions for the whole evening, and to dream for the whole night… Loesje believes in free speech, she believes that everybody has an opinion, so, she gives opportunity to express your creativity, think about the world and meet new people.

Where Loesje gets support?

Loesje is an association with non-profit goals. We want to keep our actions free for as many people as possible. Writing a Loesje text is practically free: you need a piece of paper, a pen, a colour pencil and some creativity! After that we spread text by internet tools and it also costs nothing. Of course, sometimes, we do postcards or posters to reach more people. Usually it costs, so we ask foundations, supporting freedom of speech, for a small grants for printing and spreading. But the biggest support we get from you – coming to our workshops and sharing your creativity.

What about Loesje Estonia ?

You are here in the website of Loesje Estonia. She settled down in Estonia in 2004. She is quite active and she is making new friends everyday. Today she reached you.

What else do you want to know about Loesje ?

Come to see us, send us an email, select the posters you like in our website, print them and spread them around you or just come with your friends to Loesje workshop! And don’t be afraid, it’s easy, funny and… surprising!

See you soon!