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When thinking of Loesje, don’t think of a strongly organized association whose members are meeting right on time, based on some formal leadership of a burocratic board. Rather, Loesje is the practice of the things she expresses with her posters. A loose association which runs on enthusiasm and personal motivation, on ideas and initiatives.

Enthusiasm and action, that’s what it is all about. Loesje works on trust. Anyone who becomes a member gets access to Loesjes’s signature. Thus, he or she is able to make posters which can appear the next day. In practice this is almost never misused. We encourage members from the same town to gather together to make their own slogans. But people have to initiate action themselves and local groups have a mandate to publish local slogans. The only thing we ask them is to send the local texts to the national office. Because we want to learn form each other and the slogans can be published in the bulletin which can lead to further discussion and new texts.


Loesjs’s identity is based on a world view which concentrates on the idea «forward». We intentionally don’t choose the word «progress», because of it’s technical sound. Loesje is for everything which makes the world and the people «go forward».

Still the «forward»-criterion remains our guiding principle; we always seek for solutions of which the whole world with all it’s cohetence, humanity in totality, profits most. When a concrete matter or development is supported, this does not mean progress for progresses sake, there must be a positive contribution to the world an humanity. So we constantly seek the largest connections even in the smallest matter.


A poster series has to contain some things to keep it interesting. It has to cover different subjects and make some kind of statement. The texts shouldn’t be only nice and funny, but also critical in a humorous way. Loesje tries to be positive and show alternatives instead of complaining. We try to find out new and different ways to say things.


Loesjes’s view on quality is based on the principle that every human being is able to recognize quality and to acknowledge it. For the Loesje’s texts this means that everyone can make a selection: which texts have a certain quality and which texts do absolutely not. We can see this view being confirmed during the first selection round, when the list of hundred texts is quickly reduced to about 25 textsproposals, with great consensus. These proposals all have a chance to come into the monthly series.


It’s not easy for Loesje to tell what is really important in life, society, or in the world. Of course some things are more topical than others. If you concentrate on one specific text for a while, then you can not loose sight of the rest. That’s why Loesje is making posters about everything and everyone. We call that versatility. We like this to be one starting point in every series. So, we will certainly not only publish posters about politics or school or boyfriends, but a larger variation in subjects, themes and items will be represented. Because of this starting condition some texts are eliminated.


Loesje is known because of the positive atmosphere she radiates. For us, it is a condition that most posters are more showing possibilities, rather than pointing out the difficulties. But this condition doesn’t mean that we never make any critical remark. If it’s necessary we say very clearly what is going on. For this we use many types of humor. Then we lay the texts next to each other and we use these criteria for the next level of selection. Only nice and funny texts are not enough, and a hard slogan needs to be relativated.


Easy to understand, but hard to do. You can say something in many different ways. Declaring, asking, poetical. In this you need proficiency of the language, playing with the language is something Loesje likes very much. It adds something to the message you want to bring across. We push our reader in proficiency of the language and literary abilities.


Loesje doesn’t focus on one special group. Young, old, thin, fat, middle class or football fan: to Loesje everyone is interesting. To enlarge the recognizability for different groups, we also make use of the whole family of Loesje. Grandfather, grandma, cousin Carl, Uncle Herman and Loesje’s kid brother are often taking care of some «Loesje speeches».